Persian Names For Boys

The intention of this page is to share a complete collection of Persian Names for Boys with all our Iranian friends. We appreciate your feedback to include new names, and/or correct the possible meaning of a name in this list.

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Persian NamesPossible meaning
Abbas Frowning, looking austere; also means lion
Abdi My servant.
Abdol ?
Abdolah ?
Abdul Servant of God
Abolhassan ?
Abou-Ali Name of a famous Iranian scientist and philosopher
Abtin From Shahnameh, Fereidoun's father
Adel Righteous
Afshar ?
Afsharafshin ?
Afshin ?
Aghajun ?
Ahmad Most praiseworthy
Ahour ?
Aideen ?
Akbar Great
Alah-Verdi ?
Alam The whole world
Alamdar ?
Ali High; also Mohammad's son-in-law
Ali-Asgar ?
Ali-Dad ?
Ali-Naghi ?
Alireza ?
Allahyar ?
Amin Trustworthy, honest
Amir King, Emir
Amjad Most excellent, glorious
Andisheh ?
Andy Manly
Anoush Eternal
Anoushiravan Name of a Persian king
Arad Name of an angel
Aram Quiet
Arash A hero in Persian folklore
Ardalan ?
Ardavan Protector of righteousness
Ardeshir From Shahnameh
Aref Wise, intelligent
Armaan ?
Arman Ideal, hope, aspiration
Armeen From Shahnameh
Arsalan Lion, king of jungle
Arshia Throne
Arya Aryan, Friend, faithful
Aryamand ?
Arzhang From Shahnameh
Asad Lion
Asadollah ?
Asghar Smaller, younger
Ashari ?
Ashkan ?
Assadollah ?
Atash Fire
Aurang Wisdom, understanding
Ayasha ?
Ayeshah ?
Azad Independent, free
Azhang ?
Azimat ?
Aziz Powerful, dear
Babak From Shahnameh
Bahman Clever, intelligent
Bahram Victory, conquest
Bamdad Early Morning
Bameen ?
Bamshad ?
Bardia Name of a Prince
Behnam Reputable (someone with honorable name)
Behrad ?
Behrang Good color
Behrouz Fortunate, lucky
Behzad ?
Behzod ?
Bijan From Shahnameh
Bizhan From Shahnameh
Borna Young, youthful
Borzoo ?
Bozorgmehr From Shahnameh
Changeez Chengiz Khan
Cirrus Kourosh, first king of Iran
Cyrus Lord, sun.
Dadash ?
Dadbeh ?
Danesh ?
Danush ?
Dara Wealthy, possessing goodness
Darab From Shahnameh
Darek Ruler of the people or Gifted ruler
Darian Name of a village in Iran's Fars province
Dariousz ?
Dariush Name of Persian king
Darya One who has (or drives) a war chariot
Daryadel ?
Daryush ?
Datis Name of an Achamenid general
Davar Judge
Davood David
Delavar Brave
Delir Brave
Delrobah ?
Dhabihullah ?
Diyako The founder of the Medes tribe
Dowlat ?
Ebi Paternal
Ebrahim Abraham
Edris ?
Eghbal Good fortune
Ehsan Goodness
Emad Pillar, support
Enayat To Try
Erfan Knowing; Knowledge
Esfandiar From Shahnameh
Esfandyar From Shahnameh
Eshqi ?
Eskander ?
Esmaeel Ishmael (son of Abraham)
Esma'Il ?
Ezatollah ?
Failak A double-headed arrow
Faraj Joy
Faramarz From Shahnameh
Faramin Orders, mandates
Faraz Elevation
Farazmon An order, command
Farbod Right, orthodox
Fardad Having the light of God
Fardan Unique; one
Fardat Name of Khashayar's (Xerxes) nephew
Fardid Former, prior
Fardin Abbreviation of the Iranian month Farvardin
Fardis Paradise
Farhad From Shahnameh
Farhan ?
Farhang Good-breeding
Farhood Handsome boy; lion cub
Farian ?
Fariborz From Shahnameh
Farid Without rival, one of a kind
Fariman Name of town in Iran (in Khorassan province)
Farinam Glorious name
Faris Horseman, knight
Farivar Right, orthodox
Farjad Excellent, eminent in learning
Farjam Fortunate
Farkhad Victorious
Farlas Soul of the sphere of Mercury
Farnam Glorious name
Farnod Power, strength
Farnoud Proof, reason
Farough ?
Farrokh Happy, fortunate
Farrokhzad Happily born
Farsad Wise
Farshad Happy
Farsheed ?
Farshid Bright as the sun; From Shahnameh
Farshidvard ?
Farshin ?
Fartash Being, existence
Fartous From Shahnameh
Farvad From Shahnameh; descent; proud
Farvardin First month of Iranian calendar
Farvartish Name of Medes king
Farya ?
Faryan Name of a king
Farzad Splendid birth
Farzam Worthy, befitting
Farzan Wise, intelligent
Farzeen Learned
Farzin Learned
Fatak Name of Mani's father
Fath ?
Fazel Learned
Fazlollah ?
Fazlullah ?
Fehrang ?
Ferdows Paradise
Fereydoon From Shahnameh
Fereydoun ?
Firouz Victorious
Firuz ?
Forood From Shahnameh
Foroohar Essence
Foroud From Shahnameh
Forouq ?
Garshasb From Shahnameh
Gaumata ?
Ghader Able
Ghadir A sword
Ghaffar ?
Ghalandar Dervish
Ghasem A distributor
Gheysar Caesar, an emperor
Ghobad From Shahnameh
Ghodrat Strength
Gholam ?
Giv From Shahnameh
Gorazm From Shahnameh
Gorgin From Shahnameh
Goshtasb From Shahnameh
Goshtasp Name of an ancient king of Persia - Dariush's father
Goudarz From Shahnameh
Goushasb Name of a king
Gurang From Shahnameh
Habib Beloved one, darling, friend
Hadi Guide to righteousness, leader, gift
Hafez Protector
Hajir From Shahnameh
Haman Name of man in Khashayar's royal court
Hamdat Name of HamAn's father
Hamed One who praises
Hami Protector, defender
Hamid Praiseworthy
Hamoon A plain
Hani Happy , content
Harun Aaron (brother of Moses); chief; leader
Hasan Good ( Swahili origin )
Hashem Named, a putting to.
Hassan Good
Hatef One who praises; a voice from heaven; a guardian angel
Hazhir Dignity; praiseworthy; name of a champion of Iran
Hedayat Guide
Heerad Appearing fresh and healthy
Hesam A sharp sword
Hesham A generous youth
Heydar Lion
Hidayat Guidance, instruction
Hirad Appearing fresh and healthy
Hirbod A priest of a fire temple
Hirmand Name of a river in Iran
Hirsa Pure, chaste, devout, holy
Hitasb Possessor of shining horses
Hivand Purity
Hojabr ?
Hojjat ?
Homayoon Royal, fortunate
Hooman From Shahnameh
Hoomin ?
Hoonam Of good name
Hooshan Epiphany
Hooshang From Shahnameh
Hooshmand Wise
Hooshyar Wise
Hootan Well bodied; An ally of King Darius
Hormazed ?
Hormizd ?
Hormoz From Shahnameh
Hossein Good
Human From Shahnameh
Hurdad Gift of the sun
Husayn ?
Hushang ?
Ihsan Benevolence, beneficence, charity , Compassion.
Ila From Shahnameh
Iliya Elijah; Elia; Elias; Eliyah
Ilyas Elias
Iman Faith
Inayat Concern Attention
Iraf Name of the father of ardA
Iraj From Shahnameh
Iraj From Shahnameh; The sun
Irman Wish
Iryan ?
Isadi ?
Isfandyar From Shahnameh
Izad God; an angel
Jabbar Powerful; the Almighty; bone-setter
Jafar A river
Jahan World
Jahanbakhsh ?
Jahanbakht ?
Jahanban Potector of the world
Jahandar Possessor of the World
Jahanfar Splendor of the world
Jahangir Conquerer of the World
Jahanmehr Kindness of the world
Jahanshad The cause of the world's happiness
Jahanshah King
Jahanshir ?
Jahansooz Affection of the world
Jahanyar Companion of the world
Jalal Greatness
Jaleh ?
Jalil Noble; Great
Jamal Being fair
Jamasb Name of Zartosht's son-in-law and Porochista's husband
Jami ?
Jamsheed ?
Jamshid From Shahnameh,A king
Javad Liberal
Javanshir Name of Sassani king (son of Khosrow Parviz)
Javeed Living forever
Javid Living forever
Jouya A seeker, inquirer ; From Shahnameh
Jouyan A seeker, inquirer; From Shahnameh
Kahayoun ?
Kahveh ?
Kalbad From Shahnameh
Kamal Perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level
Kambakhsh Giving the enjoyment of one's desires
Kambin Fortunate, happy, content, successful in every wish
Kambiz Fortunate
Kambod Great wish
Kambozia Name of Kourosh's father and Name of 2 kings of the Achaemenid
Kamdin ?
Kamkar Name of a rose of intense red
Kamous From Shahnameh
Kamran Successful, fortunate
Kamshad Happy wish
Kamvar Successful, fortunate, victorious
Kamyar Successful
Kareem Noble, exalted,Highborn,generous.
Karim Form of Kareem. Noble, exalted,Highborn,generous.
Kariman From Shahnameh
Karimdad God given
Kasra From Shahnameh
Kasra From Shahnameh
Katibeh An army
Kavad Name of a Sassanid king
Kavan Rock
Kaveh From Shahnameh
Kavian Name of the flag of Kaveh (in Shahnameh)
Kavoos From Shahnameh
Kayan A star
Kay-Armin From Shahnameh
Kayghobad From Shahnameh
Kayhan The world
Kaykavoos Possessor of springs (water); Noble; Desires ; From Shahnameh
KayKhosrow Noble, nobility; From Shahnameh
Kayvan World, universe, The planet Saturn
Kayvon ?
Kazem A man who hides his anger; also name of 8th Imam of the Shiites
Keshvad From Shahnameh
Key-Ghobad From Shahnameh
Key-Khosrow From Shahnameh
Keyumars ?
Keyvan World, universe
Kharmandar ?
Khashayar Name of a Persian king
Khashen ?
Khazarvan From Shahnameh
Khodadad God-given; gift of God
Khoda-Dad God-given
Khody ?
Khorsand Content
Khosrow From Shahnameh
Khudayar ?
Khusro ?
Khusru ?
Kia King, protector, defender
Kian Ancient.
Kianoosh From Shahnameh
Kianoosh From Shahnameh
Kianoush From Shahnameh
Kiarash Son of an Iranian prince
Kiavash Royal; like a king
Kiumars From Shahnameh
Kiyan ?
Koohyar Name of Maziar's brother
Koosha Diligent
Kooshan Diligent
Koshyar Name of the physician under whom Avicenna studied medicine
Kourang From Shahnameh
Kouros ?
Kouros Kourosh
Kourosh First king of Iran
Kuchek ?
Kurush ?
Kusha ?
Laleh ?
Leiss A lion
Lesan Speech; An interpreter
Lohrasb Possessing a fast horse; From Shahnameh
Maghsoud Intended, desired
Mahan ?
Mahbod ?
Mahbod Name of Anoushiravan's minister (vizier)
Mahdad A name during the Achaemenid era
Mahdi Guided to the right path
Maher Expert
Mahmad ?
Mahmood Praised
Mahmoud Variant used for Mohammad
Mahra ?
Mahram Tamed by the moon
Mahvand Possessing the moon
Mahvar Like the moon (resembling the moon in beauty)
Mahyar Friend of the moon, the moon's companion
Mahyaz A character in Shahnmeh (A wrestler of Turan)
Majid Great, honourable
Makan One of the commanders of the army of the SAmAnian dynasty
Malek King
Malik King
Manak One of Khosrow Parviz's (Sassanian) commanders
Manee A painter who later claimed to be a prophet
Mani Father of Ketil.
Manouchehr From Shahnameh
Manoush From Shahnameh
Mansoor Defended, protected by God
Manucher ?
Mardas From Shahnameh
Mardavij Name of the founder of the Ziyarid dynasty
Martiya Warrior; a rebel from Elam who fought against the Persian King Darius I
Marvan ?
Marzban Border guard
Mashad ?
Mashreza ?
Mashti ?
Massoud Fortunate, prosperous, happy
Mateen Patient
Matin Firm, solid
Mazar Name of a Medes general in charge of Kourosh's army
Mazda ?
Mazdak A famous man during Sassanian period and founder of Mazdakism
Maziar Name of a historical Persian general of Tabaristan
Maziyar ?
Mehdi Guided
Mehrab From Shahnameh
Mehraban ?
Mehraban Kind
Mehrad ?
Mehrak From Shahnameh
Mehram ?
Mehran From Shahnameh
Mehrang ?
Mehrashk ?
Mehrdad Gift of the sun
Mehregan Autumn
Mehrnam ?
Mehrnoosh From Shahnameh
Mehrsad ?
Mehrshad Shining sun
Mehrtash Like the sun
Mehrvand Having kindness and friendship
Mehrvarz ?
Mehryar Kind
Mehrzad The offspring of the sun
Mehyar ?
Meisam Beauty
Mekabiz Name of one of Dariush's generals
Miad Place of worship
Mihdi ?
Milad Name of a champion of Iran; birth; Christmas; From Shahnameh
Mirza A Prince; gentleman
Misagh A promise
Moeen Assistant, supporter
Moez ?
Mohammad Highly praised; also name of the Prophet of Islam
Mohammadreza ?
Mohammed Praiseworthy
Mohaymen Protector
Mohsen One who does good
Mojtaba Chosen
Moossa ?
Morad Desire, wish
Morid ?
Morteza Chosen
Mousa A companion
Mozaffar ?
Mujtaba The chosen one
Mulkerin ?
Musa Moses (Swahili origin )
Mushir ?
Mustafa Chosen
Nader Rare
Nafis Valuable, precious
Naghi ?
Najid Bold, brave
Namdar Famous
Nami Illustrious, celebrated
Namvar Famous
Nard ?
Nariman From Shahnameh
Narsi Name of a Sassani king ; Characters in Shahnameh
Naseem Variant of Nasim
Naser Assister, friend
Nashvad From Shahnameh
Nasih Faithful; an adviser
Nasir Defender
Nasreddin ?
Nasr-Ed-Din ?
Nasser Victorious
Nastour From Shahnameh
Navand Messenger, courier
Navid Glad tidings, good news
Navid Glad tidings, good news
Neggar-Saltaneh ?
Nemat A blessing
Nematollah ?
Nemat-Ollah ?
Nerseh ?
Nezam Order, discipline
Nik Good
Nika Name of a river in Iran
Nikahang Good music
Nikan Good men
Nikav ?
Niknam Having a good name
Niknia ?
Nikrooz Good day
Nikzad Of good birth
Nima Small
Nimad Good Judgement; The ability of good judgment
Ninad Patience
Nirou Strength
Niusha A listener
Niv Bold, brave
Nivad Courage, bravery
Nivand Understanding
Nivrad Order, arrangement
Nivtour Pride
Nivzad Son of a hero
Niyoosha A listener
Norouz New day
Nosrat Victory
Nosratdoleh ?
Nouri Light
Noushirvan Name of a king of Persia
Noushzad Happily born
Noushzad Happily born; From Shahnameh
Nozar From Shahnameh
Nozhan A pine tree
Nuban A king's son
Nuvin A prince; the most excellent of anything
Nuyan A prince
Ojay Tall
Okhshan Posessing bulls; An old Persian name
Oktay Name of one of Chengiz Khan's son who was one of his 4 successor
Omeed Hope
Omid Hope
Omidreza ?
Orand Glory; From Shahnameh
Orang Wisdom
Ormazd Newer form of Persian Ahura Mazda, meaning - good and wise god
Oshnar From Shahnameh
Ouais ?
Ozhan Hero, victorious
Papak Variant spelling of Persian Babak, meaning - little father
Parang The luster of a glittering sword
Pardis Paradise
Parham Abraham
Paria ?
Parsa Pure, chaste,devout
Parshad ?
Parshand Warrior
Parshang ?
Parshin ?
Partam Best
Partash ?
Parvaiz Variant spelling of Persian Parviz, meaning - fortunate
Parviz Undefeatable; From Shahnameh
Parwiz Variant spelling of Persian Parviz, meaning - fortunate
Pasad Defense, preservation
Pasha A Turkish name meaning a lord
Pasha A Turkish name meaning a lord
Pashang From Shahnameh
Patune A falcon marked with a distinguishing sign
Payam Message
Payandeh Long live
Paydafar ?
Pazhang ?
Pedram Adorned; glad, charming
Pejman Desire, wish
Pejmon ?
Peroz ?
Peshang Vanguard
Peyman Promise
Peyvand A connection, union
Pezhman Broken-hearted, sad
Pezhvak An echo
Piran From Shahnameh
Pirooz Victorious; also From Shahnameh
Piruz Victorious, also From Shahnameh
Poulad Steel; a sword
Pourang ?
Pouriya ?
Pouriya An Iranian warrior
Pouya To search, searcher
Pouyan To search, searcher; running; runner
Pujman ?
Puzhman Desire, wish
Rad Generous, brave, generous youth
Radbod Commander of war chariots
Radin Free
Radman Munificent, generous
Radmanish Munificent, generous
Radmehr Name of one of Darius III's generals
Raha Free
Rahad A traveler; a note in music
Raham From Shahnameh
Rahim Merciful
Rahman Merciful
Rahmat Mercy, clemency
Rahzad Name of Khosrow Parviz's general
Raji Hopeful
Rakhshan Flashing
Rambod Obedient
Rameen ?
Rami An archer
Ramin From Shahnameh
Ramtin Famous musician in the Sassanid Dynasty
Ramyad Obedient
Ramyar Shepherd
Raouf Kind
Rasam Designer, painter
Rasheed Mature
Rashid Brave
Rashin Gum of the Poplar tree; Name of an ancestor of Afrasiyab
Rashne Persian name meaning - judge
Rasoul Apostle
Rastin True
Rayan Kings
Razan Adorned
Razban A confidant; a privy counsellor
Razi A famous Persian alchemist, scientist and philosopher
Razin Strong
Reza Consent, agreement; Name of 8th Imam of Shi'ites
Rhiyyih ?
Rod Famous ruler
Roham From Shahnameh; Guardian
Rokneddin Pillar of religion
Roozbeh Fortunate
Roshak ?
Roshak Bright; Name of Daruis' general who fought against Alexander the great
Roshan Persian unisex name meaning - bright, light
Rostam A hero in Shahnameh
Rostam A hero and warrior in Shahnameh
Royin Brazen; From Shahnameh
Ruhollah ?
Ryka Handsome boy; beloved, wished for, desired
Sa'Adi ?
Sa'Ad-Oddin ?
Saba A gentle breeze
Sabbar ?
Saber Patient
Sabet Stable, firm
Sadegh Sincere
Sadra Chief seat, judge
Sadri Chief seat, judge
Sa'Ed Helper
Saeed Happy, prosperous, lucky
Safa ?
Sahab Companions
Sahand A mountain in Azarbaijan
Sahel Beach, shore
Sa'Id Happy, lucky. Rivulet
Salah Integrity
Salahedin The righteousness of the faith
Salar Leader
Salim Perfect
Salm From Shahnameh
Salmak Name of a melody in Persian music
Salman Name of a friend of Ali
Sam Told by God
Samad A lord, chief
Saman Home, welfare
Samand A noble steed; an arrow
Sami Sublime, noble
Samin Name of a village in Iran
Samir Entertaining companion
Samrad Imagination, thoughts
Samyar An old Zorastrian name
Sanjar Prince, emperor, king
Sarang A small black bird
Sardar A general
Sarir Rainbow
Sarmad Forever
Sarmand ?
Sarosh Persian form of Avestan Sraosha, meaning - obedience
Sarush Perso-Arabic form of Avestan Sraosha, meaning - obedience
Sarvad Ode, song
Sasan Founder of the Sasani dynasty
Satrap Satrap
Sattar Concealer
Satyar ?
Saviz Of good morals or temper
Sedigh A sincere friend
Sepand Wild rue; name of a mountain
Sepandar From Shahnameh
Sepanta Holy
Sepanteman Surname of Zartosht
Sepehr Sky, the heavens, celestial globe
Seraj Luminary; the sun
Seyyed ?
Shabaviz Owl
Shabdiz Name of Khosrow Parviz's (Sassanid king) horse; Black as night
Shadan Happy, cheerful
Shadi Persian name meaning - happiness
Shadmehr Kind; Cheerful
Shadrokh Cheerful face
Shadrouz Joyous day
Shadvard Halo round the moon; royal throne; name of a note in music
Shahab Shooting star, meteor
Shahan ?
Shahanshah Persian name meaning - king of kings
Shahbal Longest feather in the wing of a bird
Shahbaz Royal falcon
Shahbod ?
Shahdad Given by the king
Shahed Witness
Shaheen Falcon
Shahin Falcon
Shahjahan king of the world
Shahkam The king's wish
Shahnam King's name
Shahpar The longest feather in a bird
Shahpur Persian name meaning - son of the king
Shahrab ?
Shahrad Brave king
Shahram king Ram
Shahrbaraz An Iranian army commander during Sassanid dynasty
Shahrdad Gift of the city
Shahriar The King
Shahrivar Persian name meaning - desirable power
Shahrokh Face of the king
Shahrooz ?
Shahruz A great river
Shahryar The King
Shahrzad ?
Shahsan ?
Shahvar ?
Shahyar Friend of the king
Shahzad Variant spelling of Persian Shahzade, meaning - prince
Shahzade Persian name meaning - prince
Shalabh ?
Shamil The north wind
Shamsa Sun, sunlight
Shams-Oddin ?
Shapour From Shahnameh
Shapur ?
Sharif Noble; holy
Sharoud Halo round the moon
Sharvin ?
Sharzeh Strong
Shawbo ?
Shaya Worthy
Shayan Worthy, deserving, meriting
Shaygan Worthy; anything worthy of a king or great man
Sher Persian name meaning - lion
Shervan ?
Sherveen ?
Shervin ?
Shervin Name of a couple of kings of the Bavand dynasty
Shewan ?
Shidasb From Shahnameh; Possessor of shining horses
Shideh From Shahnameh
Shidfar Glory of the sun
Shidoush From Shahnameh
Shirouyeh ?
Shirvan Name of a city
Shirzad Brave, courageous
Shobeir ?
Shoghi ?
Shoja Brave
Shopon ?
Showan ?
Showan Shepherd
Showlan Lasso
Siamak Black-haired man; From Shahnameh
Siavash Possesses black stallions
Siavosh From Shahnameh
Sina Sinai
Sinam Name of a fabled mountain with a pillared treasure-house
Sinbad Lord of sages
Sindbad Original form of Persian Sinbad
Sirman A ruby; embroidered silk
Siva An apple
Siyavash Persian name meaning - possesses black stallions
Soheil Star
Sohrab From Shahnameh
Soleyman Solomon
Somaieh ?
Sooran A starling
Sorena Iranian military leader during AshkAnian(Parthian) dynasty
Sorna A Persian Oboe
Soroush Messenger angel
Sorush Messenger angel
Soshiant The (final world) Savior
Sotoudeh Blessed
Sraosha Avestan myth name of a god of obedience, meaning - obedience
Sreenivas ?
Sufara From Shahnameh
Suhayl ?
Suhrab ?
Tabal Name of an Iranian commander of Kurosh the Great; Stable, strong
Taha ?
Tahamtan Powerful, mighty
Taher Pure, chaste, clean
Tahmaseb From Shahnameh
Tahmin Brave
Tahmouress Name of a Persian king
Taj Crown
Tajfar ?
Tajvar King
Taliman From Shahnameh
Tarazullah ?
Teerdad ?
Teymour Iron; Name of the founder of the Timurid dynasty
Tinoush From Shahnameh
Tiran Arrows; Name of a king of AshkAniAn (Parthian) dynasty
Tirbod ?
Tirdad ?
Tirgar ?
Tirnam ?
Tishtar Angel presiding over the star Sirius, which also directs the rain.
Toofan Storm
Tooraj From Shahnameh
Torab Soil
Touraj From Shahnameh
Tourak An Iranian hero
Tous Name of a city in Khorasan province (Ferdowsi's birthplace)
Toutak A money-chest; Name of a plant (cat-tail grass)
Uruman Forest
Urvaksha Avestan name meaning - the one who has the fat horse
Ushah Dawn
Utabar Intelligent , wise
Utana An ally of King Darius I; One who has a good figure
Vafa Loyalty, faithfulness
Vahab A giver
Vahbod ?
Vahdat Unity
Vahhab ?
Vahid Unique
Vahram ?
Vahraz Name of one of Anoushiravan's generals
Vajih Of noble presence; handsome
Vala Eminent, respectable
Valeh ?
Vali Son of Odin.
Valkas ?
Vandad ?
Varfan A mediator
Varian Name of a place in Iran
Varjavand Strong
Varoozh ?
Varshasb ?
Vartan Name of a Persian king
Viraf Name of the father of ardA
Vishpar ?
Vishtasb Name of the father of King Darius I
Visseh From Shahnameh
Vorna Young, youthful
Vorya ?
Voshmgir Name of a king; quail-catcher
Xanox ?
Xsayarsa Persian name meaning - great warrior- or - lion-king
Yad-Ollah ?
Yadullah ?
Yaghoub Jacob
Yahya John
Yahyah ?
Yamin Strength; power; blessing
Yaran A friend; a polite well-spoken man; a jovial companion
Yari Friendship
Yashar Persian-Azarbayjani origin meaning lives for ever
Yashar Existing or living (in Azerbaijani)
Yavand King
Yavar A friend, companion
Yazan Of tall stature
Yazdan Name of the spirit of goodness
Yazdanbakhsh Name of the vazir of Hormoz
Yazdandfar The splendor of God
Yazdgard ?
Yazdgerd The name 3 kings of the Sassanid dynasty
Yegane ?
Youness Jonas
Yousef Joseph
Zab To be helpful; Strong; From Shahnameh
Zabi ?
Zachary God remembers
Zadfar Glorious birth
Zadmehr The offspring of the sun; born of the son
Zafar Victory
Zahak ?
Zahed Devout
Zakaria Zachary
Zal From Shahnameh
Zamani ?
Zamyad Name of the 28th day of the Persian month
Zana ?
Zand The book of Zardosht
Zarabadi ?
Zarasp Characters in Shahnameh; Having a golden horse
Zarathustra Avestan name, possibly composed of the elements zaranty
Zarir From Shahnameh
Zartosht Persian form of Avestan Zarathustra
Zarvan Time ; The god of time
Zarvand ?
Zavar Powerful, mighty; The planet Venus
Zavareh From Shahnameh
Zhakfar Very patient
Zhamak Small poem
Zharfa Depth
Zhazeh ?
Zhian Formidable
Zhianfar Formidable
Zhoubin A sort of spear
Zhubin Persian name derived from the name of a short - spear
Zia Splendor, light, enlightened
Zoroaster ?
Zubin Variant spelling of Persian Zhubin, derived from the name of a short - spear
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